About the Team

When you join the Advocate Health Care charity running team, you merge your passion with a purpose—bettering yourself while bettering the lives of those in need. The Advocate Health Care charity running team is comprised of employees, patients, and those who are passionate about health care. 

"As the Art Therapist in hematology oncology, it is an honor to bear witness to the large and small ways in which art not only brings joy, creativity, and normalcy to these children and teens while in the hospital but to also witness the many ways in which art instills hope, gives voice to the unspoken, strengthens relationships, and inspires resiliency. I believe with all my heart and know from my many years and experiences as a medical art therapist and professor of art therapy that art heals. I've chosen to run with the Advocate Charitable Team as another expression of my passion, dedication, and commitment to the field of art therapy and the creative healing of my pediatric and adolescent patients."

- Lori Mackey

“I am running the Chicago Marathon in 2017 to support Advocate Health Care and more specifically the SHARE support group. The SHARE Support Group is a program of compassion that bring hope and healing to families experiencing grief, loss and challenges during and after pregnancy. The program is funded entirely by philanthropy. The SHARE Support Group was there for my wife and me both during our worst day and since through monthly loss meetings and special events. I hope that the money I raise while preparing for the Chicago Marathon will continue to support this group and allow them to continue to support families having their worst day ever.”

- Bob White

2018 Chicago Marathon About Team Family

2018 Chicago Marathon About Team Group